• Beverley Sewage Treatment Works

    To accommodate the future growth for the town of Beverley, in East Yorkshire, Interface Contracts have been appointed to redevelop the existing sewage treatment plant electrical systems. #Lighting & Building Services #Fire & Security alarm #Installation of Power & Control Cabling.

  • Electrical Design and Installation works at Inverurie WwTW Scheme

    Interface have been selected by ESD to carry out the Electrical Design and Installation works at Inverurie WwTW Scheme.
    A new Intelligent MCC – iMCC01 provides the electrical supplies, motor starters and control facilities for the Old works transfer pumping station & Elphinstone Pumping Station and existing MEM Switchboard at OLD works. The existing MEM switchboard at old works shall be disconnected from the main DNO and reconnected to iMCC01.

    A new intelligent MCC (iMCC02) at the New Works provides the electrical supplies to motor starters and control facilities for the New Works, which includes the Inlet Works Package Plants, Grit Washer & Conveyor Units, Forward feed PS, Washwater Booster Set, Nereda Reactors & equipment and the existing MCC within the Sludge Building.

    A telemetry outstation communicating via a PSTN line is provided for the remote off site monitoring and is located within the existing Control Room on the New Works (located within the Sludge Building).

  • Chester WWTW

    ICL have been selected by MMB to provide the electrical design and installation works associated with the new sludge screening plant on Chester waste water treatment works, operated by Welsh Water. The sludge screening plant forms part of the larger project, sludge dewatering, on the Chester WwTW site. The project if worth circa £85,000 to Interface contracts.

    The purpose of the project is to upgrade the current site from a digested sludge process to a screened and dewatered exported sludge process at Chester WwTW, the dewatered sludge will be transported to Five Fords WwTW, North Wales for treatment.

    ICL scope of works consists of the design, supply & installation of power, control, instrument & profibus cabling from the extended centrifuge MCC. Cabling shall be installed to the associated plant and equipment that will facilitate the sludge screenings process.

  • Knostrop WwTW

    An extension to the sewage treatment works ( Yorkshire Water ) at Knostrop Leeds currently being constructed by Black & Veatch , has resulted in Interface Contracts being awarded a £2.2M order to carry out the design, supply and installation of the comprehensive site electrical upgrade.

  • Irton WTW

    Interface have been successful in securing orders from Morgan Sweco and Glan Agua for work associated with the new developments at the Scarborough water treatment plant.

  • Hodder / Wayoh / Rivington / Whalley Bridge / Mitchells House / Laneshawe / Worsthorne / Sweetloves WTW

    MMB have placed orders with Interface Contracts for various run to waste schemes across the United Utilities network. The work involves detailed design to integrate water quality measures in to the existing network.

  • Kendal WTW

    LIMA have engaged Interface to undertake the design, supply and installation of the electrical refurbishment of Kendal waste water treatment works.

  • Nevern

    Edina have commenced work for Edina Engines at the Nefern site in South Wales. The contract is similar to several other plants that Interface have successfully completed for Edina.

  • Westry Gas Plant

    Laker Vent mechanical pipework fabricators and installers have placed an order with Interface to design, supply , install and site manage a new M & E scheme at a gas plant in Leicester.

  • Preston WTW and Rivington WTW

    Preston WTW and Rivington WTW are the first schemes to be undertaken in a joint partnership with Franklyn Yates Mechanical Engineeers. Both schemes are for MMB and are due to be completed in early 2018.